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Who We Are

In 1952, United Fishing Agency brought together several small fishing companies founded by Japanese immigrants in the 1900s. Modeled after the famous Tokyo auction, the Honolulu Fish Auction was born, and today is the anchor of the Commercial Fishing Village on Pier 38. The Hawaii longline fleet has since grown to over 140 vessels operating the most sustainable fishery in the world.

Our Mission: 
Sustain Hawaii’s vibrant fishing community, nourishing our people and our culture.

Our Values:

  • Hard work. We are disciplined and humble, devoting ourselves to a fresh, premium product for local people.

  • Sustainability. It is our kuleana to practice sustainable fishing and preserve our environment for generations to come.

  • Community. We work together to perpetuate Hawaii’s food and fishing culture through the power of connection.

  • Perseverance. We embrace change and challenges. We’ve learned to adapt and innovate to make Hawaii’s fishing industry a global leader.


United Fishing Agency owns and operates the Honolulu Fish Auction, which is the only fresh tuna auction of its kind in the United States and the only fish auction between Tokyo and

Maine. We understand the hardships that fishermen face and we work hard to get them the best prices for their catch.



At 1 a.m., six days per week, our fishing vessels begin unloading. Fishermen and women follow safe fish handling practices at the fish auction and inspect their catches for safety and quality.

In addition, the facility is inspected by the FDA to ensure the highest safety standards.


The fish are weighed, tagged and displayed on pallets on the refrigerated auction floor. At 5:30

a.m., the auctioneer rings a brass bell to begin the competitive bidding. Buyers from wholesalers, retailers, distributors and restaurants come together to bid on the freshest fish for

Hawaii’s famous poke shops, sushi restaurants and everything in between.


In other parts of the world, fishermen sell their fish by the boatload to wholesalers who generally dictate prices. The Honolulu Fish Auction system ensures that local fishermen are paid fairly, competitively, and quickly.


In Hawaii, where we import more than 80% of our food, United Fishing Agency has created an ecosystem that feeds the local community with fresh, locally caught fish and, at the same time, helps to perpetuate Hawaii’s reputation as a global culinary leader. Wild-caught fish is not only Hawaii’s largest food crop, it is also a source of pride for local people who grew up fishing with

their families or eating fresh ahi during the holidays.


The auction is part of the most sustainable fishery in the world and United Fishing Agency works closely with Hawaii Seafood Council and Hawaii Longline Association to spearhead global efforts to protect fishery resources and perpetuate sustainable fishing in our state.

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