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MidWeek: The Big Fish

The commercial longline fishing industry can be tough,

but Michael Goto is the man to tackle it.

Early mornings and tens of thousands of pounds of fish aren't exactly the way most of us envision starting our day. Needless to say, life in the commercial longline fishing industry is tough; but over the years, one man has made it his own. Mike Goto, general manager of the Honolulu Fish Auction and vice president of the United Fishing Agency spearheads a business that produces 80-90% of the state's food. Mike's career didn't always have fish on the horizon. He intended to be an attorney, like his father, after graduating from Loyola Marymount University in 2007. As things would have it, his grandfather would reel him back in. With the lessons from his grandfather, Mike has led United Fishing Agency into the 21st century.

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