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United Fishing Agency Donates $10,000 Worth of Locally Caught Fish to Hawaii Foodbank

The donation marks the 70th anniversary of the Honolulu Fish Auction

HONOLULU, Hawaii - To celebrate its 70th anniversary, the United Fishing Agency donated approximately 4,000 pounds or $10,161.90 worth of local fish to Hawaii Foodbank. The donation will go towards Hawaii Foodbank's ongoing mission of collecting and redistributing food to vulnerable members of the local community.

"For 70 years, we've supplied fresh, locally caught fish to our community," said Mike Goto, director of United Fishing Agency. "Many local families have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and we're proud to support the members of our community who need it most."

The donation of locally caught blue marlin and swordfish has a whole weight of 4,001 pounds and a net weight of 2,644 pounds. The donation will be included in Hawaii Foodbank's multiple food distributions provided across the island through its partner agency network.

"Fish is a staple in many local diets and we're grateful to be able to provide nutritious protein options to struggling families on our islands," said Hawaii Foodbank's President and CEO Amy Marvin. "Mahalo to United Fishing Agency for the generous donation!"

United Fishing Agency's 140 fishing boats supply fresh fish to chefs and buyers who distribute to many of Hawaii's famous poke shops, sushi restaurants, retailers and more. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, United Fishing Agency formed a strong working relationship with Hawaii Foodbank through the Fish to Dish program, which supported Hawaii's longline fishing industry and provided over 350,000 servings of locally sourced fish fillets to Hawaii Foodbank.

United Fishing Agency started the Honolulu Fish Auction on August 5, 1952 and continues to own and operate it today on Pier 38. As the only fish auction between Tokyo and Maine and the only fresh tuna auction of its kind in the United States, this unique operation allows independent fishermen to sell at a fair price and enables auction buyers to get the freshest, highest quality fish. Wild-caught fish is Hawaii's largest food crop and a sustainable source of protein produced in Hawaii by local fishermen and women. The Honolulu Fish Auction is an essential part of Hawaii's food security and economy.

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